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3-month live hands-on course

I'm sharing with you the financial education I wish someone had told me about...  after feeling alone and afraid in my marriage, moving through a divorce, and going even farther into disillusionment... I got help, researched, shifted through all the noise, and triumphed.  

Now I'm living the life of my dreams where I awake when I want, take walks around the lake, and engage with the diverse group of friends I've made both locally and from traveling pre-pandemic, taking courses, being in masterminds, and planning and attending reunions and gatherings because that's what I enjoy...  

So now I can help you to figure out money (like I did for myself) so you can do more of what you enjoy.... AND so you never have to say "how will I pay that bill tomorrow?" or "I have to stay in _______ because I don't have enough money" or I can't do ______ because I don't have the money"... Or is this the right investment for me? Is my advisor doing the best for me?

I determined that if I saved $300,000 by the time I was 45, that I wouldn't have to put any more money away for retirement. I went on to create the $300,000 by age 43 (two years early) and then grew it to $500,000 and it is still growing significantly every year. I'm teaching you the method I used and have holistically named the OHM method. You will apply this simple approach to build your wealth for your very own financially free beyond-your-wildest-dream life!

Learn from someone who is actually financially free & continues to apply her own method with great results

No more worrying about bills or money.

No more doubting yourself.

No more feeling ashamed you haven't figured this money thing out.

We will get your Heartful Wealth financial system up and running so you can get on with doing whatever you want free of that "worry about money" that just hangs around and drags you down.

No additional fees. No proprietary software or apps. This universally fits in with whatever else you are doing or plan to do.

Gain clarity and confidence so you feel great handling your finances ...and you feel fantastic in so many other areas of your life!

The sooner you start, the quicker it's done. Take the step. I'm here with you the entire way.


"I'm not worried about money anymore."

"Our energy with money shifted: Money just works now."

"My wealth is growing every month."

"I feel more in control of my life!"


The OHM Method

I developed the OHM methodology out of necessity after my divorce,  feeling out of sorts and very afraid. The financial industry was intimidating and there was way more information than I could comprehend. The industry didn't seem to have my best interest at heart. I needed to understand for myself how money works, how much I needed and how to ensure it grows to that amount. Well I struggled with it, studied it, and then figured it out. Now I have the macro solution. With OHM, you'll learn this easy to implement method that gets you above the muck and focused on what really matters with wealth. And the system works whether you're interested in stocks, bonds, real estate, online business, other low input businesses, commodities, cryptocurrencies, working full time, being an entrepreneur, or running a household and income that comes from your partner.


O is for outlook, that's your relationship with money. This is the part we tend to skip. The problem is when we skip this part, we can't move forward. We stay stuck. But not anymore. I'll teach you two tools to use every time you're stuck so you can clear your limiting financial beliefs (which we all got from our culture and environment) and start loving your life again.  


We're going to minimize your disempowering money habits, and learn and implement the one habit that will have the greatest impact on your wealth creation and make handling money easy and even fun.


I will teach you the true measure of wealth and how to calculate it so your wealth actually grows. This along with the rest of the program will fuel your wealth so you're not just waiting for something to happen, but instead, you're fluidly and proactively creating the financially free life of your dreams.

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Hi, I'm Arlene Broussard

I used to rarely look at my financial accounts. My first salary was bigger than my mom's, so I thought, "I've made it!" I was young and naive. And I was wrong. I didn't know what I was doing. After the slow-burn end of my marriage, I wondered if I would be able to feed myself when I got older and if I would die alone and poor. I was disoriented and scared. I had little money and no plan and wondered how to find my way forward. 

After several months floating, I snapped out of it and realized no one was going to save me. I turned on my computer and started researching. Weeks later I had an idea and then months later I had figured it out. Then I applied what I learned tweaking along the way and created my own financial freedom.

I was so relieved and grateful that I started talking to people about it whenever I could. Now I teach the condensed version in my Grow Wealth With Ease Program, providing you with 1-on-1 support so you can grow your wealth even faster than I did. My system is simple and straightforward so even someone who has tried many other financial products and failed can have success. It's called OHM which stands for Outlook, Habits, and Measurement. I look forward to teaching you my system so you can stop worrying about money and live your dream life!

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You will receive:

  • The OHM System for Wealth
  • Six Live Teaching Workshops
  • Three Implementation Days (2 hours each) with Live Support
  • Heartful Wealth Fuel Workbook Including Strategy / Process, Net Worth Template, Personal Income Statement Template, and Business Income Statement Template with step-by-step live instruction on how to implement
  • Two Heartful Wealth Fuel Date Sessions
  • Instruction on Implementing Financial Digital Apps to Assist Growth
  • Private Community of Heart-Centered Women for Support and Collaboration
  • Teaching Workshop Videos Available for Replay Entire 3 months



  • A simple and highly flexible financial system that supports any asset type that you want to invest in
  • Consistent wealth growth
  • To build wealth with heart-centered people
  • The ever present weight of money worries lifted so you can live on your own terms
  • Joy and confidence with money
  • Wake up feeling at ease with your financial future and life
  • Freedom like never before 



We will look at your contextual financial situation and learn two tools to change your relationship with money.



Learn the one habit that will shift how you view money.



Learn and implement your wealth measuring tool.

Course Schedule

All classes will be via Zoom.

You will meet with me (Arlene) for an individual 45-minute assessment to be scheduled after you sign up. 

Course Time and Dates:
Teaching w/ Hands-on Involvement:
GWWE 1 - Wed., Sept. 13, Noon - 1:00 p.m.
GWWE 2 - Wed., Sept. 20, Noon - 1:00 p.m.
GWWE 3 - Wed., Sept. 27, Noon - 1:00 p.m.
GWWE 4 - Wed., Oct. 11, Noon - 1:00 p.m.
GWWE 5 - Wed., Oct. 18, Noon - 1:00 p.m.
GWWE 6 - Wed., Oct. 25, Noon - 1:00 p.m.

Net Worth Fuel Dates:
NWFD 1 - Wed., Oct. 4, Noon - 1:00 p.m.
NWFD 2 - Wed., Nov. 1, Noon - 1:00 p.m.
NWFD 3 - Wed., Dec. 6, Noon - 1:00 p.m.

Implementation Days (Individual w/ 1:1 support as needed):
These two hour sessions are to be scheduled

Be light with all things money

This is wealth building that combines both the masculine and the feminine. It's fluid. It's supportive. Don't be surprised when you start feeling ease and flow with money. You'll inspire yourself. It's exactly what we need today as we shift from fear to love integrating consciously more feminine wisdom into life. You are welcomed now more than ever to come play with me and get your financial life streamlined so you can be freed up to express and enjoy your life more fully. All the course work happens during the classes so no homework. Just ease and joy more and more with each step. Teaching Workshop replays are also available the full 3-months of the course if you can't make it live. And I provide a money back guarantee.

Ready for wealth to put a smile on your face?

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I'm Ready!
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Liz Kimball, Business Owner

When I met Arlene, I had already done significant work on my finances. I had read copious books, invested in courses, and hired professionals. I had reached a level of awareness and basic stability, but my creative brain continued to block me from implementing tools and strategies to really grow.

I was immediately drawn to Arlene, because, unlike so many other finance experts, she had actually created a financially free lifestyle, that still honored her values, ethics, and social mission. Arlene's heart-centered approach to wealth-building is exactly what we need to build an abundant future, both individually and collectively.

I immediately invited her to come be a guest speaker in my membership program for women, and her class is still the most talked about and highly reviewed class we have ever had. Arlene combines the inner work with the outer strategies in a way that doesn't make you feel small or ignorant, and is deeply grounded in integrity while still being extremely useful. Her financial-tracking system has helped so many women, including me, in my community gain power and control over their financial futures. Thanks to Arlene's philosophy, I now feel like I can own my full financial picture, and I am showing up consistently to take the necessary action to build my wealth. The best part? I'm finally having FUN growing my finances. That is a miracle. And it's all thanks to Arlene. She is my top recommendation for anyone who wants to take their wealth to the next level—RUN, don't walk to get on her waiting list. You will be so glad you did.

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Mel House, Professional Artist

When New York City shut down theaters, schools and all non-essential businesses due to a global pandemic, I was completely unprepared. I am a working mother, professional artist and I run two small businesses. I believed that I couldn't afford to save money, because I had amassed significant credit card debt, and was living paycheck to paycheck. I'd stopped using a budgeting system years before, because budgeting software programs weren't structured for someone with a lifestyle like mine.

I felt like I was wasting time and money to feel bad, so I stopped budgeting all together. But suddenly, I was facing an emergency and I wasn't prepared. I knew that I needed support to work through my overwhelm and shame, and to put a system in place that would allow me to change my relationship with my finances.

That's when Arlene introduced me to her Performing Artist Budget. Within weeks, I had a system up and running that allowed me to see where I was spending money, so that I could cut wasteful spending, begin to pay down debt and even begin saving! Now I know my net worth and have a clear goal about what I'd like that net worth to be. The clarity and confidence that I have gained, means that I actually feel good when I'm handling my finances. And I really appreciate the time and energy that I'm saving, that use to go into worrying and avoiding. I'm so grateful to Arlene and Heartful Wealth!

Get the live support!


$499/month (3 months)

or $1,411 Pay-in-Full

  • Complete OHM System for Wealth
  • Six Live Teaching Workshops - Wednesdays at Noon Pacific Time
  • Two Implementation Days (2 hours each) with Live Support
  • Heartful Wealth Fuel Date Workbook Templates with Step-by-Step Live Instruction
  • Two Heartful Wealth Fuel Date Sessions 
  • Private Community of Amazing Women for Support and Collaboration
  • Teaching Workshop Videos Available for Replay During Program
  • Class Begins September 13
  • Money Back Guarantee - Full refund if not satisfied within 30 days after course completion
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